A Vibrant Communities Initiative

Elkhart County is vibrant and attractive. We are known for authenticity, energy and pride.

Vibrant Communities is an initiative to strengthen Elkhart County’s great communities. The movement is guided by three core beliefs:

1. Economic growth depends on “quality of place.”
2. Successful places clearly understand who they are and what they offer.
3. Creativity and collaboration are key to shaping our future.

Project Sponsors

Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Communities compete for visitors because tourism is significant economic development. Visitors bring money into a community from outside its borders, generating revenue for local businesses, providing jobs, generating taxes for governments and contributing to the economic vitality of the area.

Therefore, to stimulate the economy, the goal is to get more people into the area and get them to stay as many nights as possible. In 2018, over 526,471 room nights were sold in Elkhart County according to Smith Travel Research (based on reporting lodging facilities).

Elkhart County Board of Commissioners

Elkhart County is governed by a board of three county commissioners. The commissioners are elected from separate commissioner districts by vote of the county as a whole. The Board of Commissioners constitutes the legislative body of the county for ordinance purposes and is the executive branch of the County. The board is responsible for county buildings, lands and property; purchasing and authorizing payments; signing contracts; supervising and directing County departments; and performing many other governing functions.

Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County

The Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County is an economic organization serving the community with the cities, towns, chambers of commerce, investor partners, and businesses of Elkhart County, Indiana. The nonprofit is known as the “Concierge to Elkhart County Industry”. Its primary objectives are the retention and expansion of local businesses, attraction of new businesses to Elkhart County and local entrepreneurial development.

Community Foundation of Elkhart County

The Community Foundation of Elkhart County aims to improve the quality of life in Elkhart County by inspiring generosity. The Community Foundation is dedicated to transforming Elkhart County by advising donors, awarding grants and providing leadership to address critical needs with a focus on youth development, vibrant community and quality of life. Like the distinctive gingko tree in its logo, the Community Foundation has a strong root system that resembles strength. 

In Collaboration With:

Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce