If it’s possible to be too cool, Gen-Y Hitch may be there.

What was created out of a necessity has garnered an almost-cult following around an adjustable hitch.

Carl Borkholder is the founder of Gen-Y Hitch. He used to own a tree service company and found that with having multiple crews with a variety of vehicles and trailers, he was constantly buying hitches.

“I decided to create one that we could put on any truck and they could back up to any trailer, hook up to it and go,” Borkholder said. “So, that’s what I did. It worked out great.”

Soon other people saw the hitch he created and asked him to make them one.

The Boss is the latest version of that first hitch. It includes a pivot with rubber inside, which helps smooth out the ride by creating suspension between the trailer and the truck.

“People say they don’t feel the trailer they are pulling at all,” Borkholder said. “It’s a cushion between the truck and trailer. If your truck goes over a bump the hitch absorbs that bump.”

Some customers have even reported saving up to three miles per gallon in fuel efficiency when using it. This is a game changer for drivers who live and die on their mileage and fuel costs.

For people who depend on their trucks for towing, the Boss hitch is worth the investment.

Every year the Boss’ cool ratio goes nuclear at the SEMA Truck Show in Las Vegas. This is the show where truck enthusiast gathers to show off and network. At SEMA, the Boss goes beyond being seen as a utility hitch and solidly sits in the truck accessory category.

Dan Miller, Gen-Y Hitch co-owner marvels, “(The Boss) is a utility hitch by in large, but it’s also (at SEMA) an accessory rather than a necessity.”

Miller attributes much of their success to the social media community that developed from their SEMA followers. By social media presence he’s referring to the 250,000 followers they have on Instagram and more than 180,000 Facebook friends. These social media followers actively post and share photos of their hitches.

Harnessing all the cool may be a challenge at times.

“It has been a detriment in some ways in the construction world or fleet world because we’re perceived as an accessory because of all the social media,” Miller said. “Still, it’s created a phenomenal thing. It’s heavy-duty rugged but cool.”

Gen-Y Hitches

Gen-Y Hitch was founded in 2012 by Carl Borkholder, who saw a need for a more adaptable hitch. The top priority of Gen-Y Hitches is to design and manufacture products that bring value and safety to the to the towing/hauling industry. Gen-Y Hitches takes pride in the fact that their products are built in the USA, right here in Northern Indiana. Customer satisfaction is taken very seriously at Gen-Y Hitch and the company promises to go the extra mile to ensure that the end user has a quality product that fits their needs.

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“People say they don’t feel the trailer they are pulling at all. It’s a cushion between the truck and trailer. If your truck goes over a bump the hitch absorbs that bump.”

Carl Borkholder

Founder, Gen-Y Hitches