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The Coolest Thing Made in Elkhart County

Elkhart County is a place where quality craftsmanship, innovation and collaboration results in a well-crafted life.


A well-crafted community

Elkhart County is filled with a creative spirit that is unsinkable. The business owners here have the ability to dream, take chances and innovate. Our people are optimistic, resourceful, curious and adventurous.

Our county is a destination where you can immerse yourself in the maker’s stories from the past and those being written right now. We make things in Elkhart County — cool things.

Contest Mission

The Coolest Thing Made in Elkhart County is a contest to find the coolest product made in our county.

Elkhart County is a well-crafted community. No matter how far you roam,
reminders of what’s made here are all around.

In Elkhart County, we face the world with an energetic, entrepreneurial spirit.
We are natural-born makers and we leave our mark on everything we hold.

The Coolest Thing Made in Elkhart County contest is our chance
to showcase the diversity of products that are made in our county.

A Word from an elkhart county commissioner

A tangible part of the vibrant community in Elkhart County is embodied in the amazing variety of cool products created, produced or assembled here. It might be in a home business or a farm-based workshop or a large production facility. Our strong work ethic combined with our creativity and innovation builds a place that’s well-crafted and cool.  Let’s stop hiding our talent.

We’re cool. We Know it. Let’s show it.

-Mike Yoder