Janus Motorcycles: Halcyon 250

A team of just 15 people operating out of an old laundromat in downtown Goshen has built a product so impressive that it has attracted the attention from Jay Leno, the White House, the New York Times and Google – just to name a few. Janus Motorcycles was born in 2011...

Guac N’ Squat: Local guacamole

 The first time someone told Johan Vazquez he should sell homemade guacamole that he brought to a get-together, he was stunned. “I laughed and asked, ‘What do you mean? It’s just guac’,” he said. “But over time, people kept telling me, ‘You have some killer guac’.”...

Antonio’s: Vegas Fortuna

Paul Cataldo has built his restaurant from the ground up — literally. Paul helped mud the bricks that made up the exterior of the building alongside his father, a bricklayer. He went from slinging mud to slinging dough in the kitchen of his uncle’s restaurant, when he...

Conn-Selmer, Inc.: Vincent Bach Trumpets

More than a century ago, Vincent Bach needed to replace a defective mouthpiece on his instrument and started experimenting with new designs and processes. Many of his hand drawings are now preserved in a factory on Industrial Parkway in Elkhart, where all Vincent Bach...

Rick and Cheri Hage: Oodles of Pincushions

The Finger Pincushions Rick and Cheri Hage produce in their home may be tiny enough to fit inside a small antique cupboard in their living room, but they have made a big ripple in the sewing community. Inside this cupboard are supplies they need to create those tiny...

Forest River: No Boundaries 10.6

There are not many RVs on the market that allow you to drive right up to the river’s edge and set up camp, but Forest River knows No Boundaries. Forest River’s No Boundaries 10.6 doubles as a trailer and a toy hauler. The sleeping area also serves as a garage to store...

Rocket Science: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

In a literal sense, Rocket Science Ice Cream is likely the “coolest” thing made in Elkhart County. It’s 321 degrees below zero, to be exact. Rocket Science Ice Cream, located inside Coppes Commons in Nappanee, offers a new twist on ice cream: It’s made-to-order and...

Vanilla Bean Creamery: Amish Peanut Butter Ice Cream

The most pleasing flavor profiles balance both sweet and savory, and the mother-daughter duo who own and operate the Vanilla Bean Creamery make up the right combination for a flavorful adventure. Clara Miller is a self-professed optimist while her daughter Krista...

Fish Lake Organic Berry Patches: Strawberry Jam

Grab a jar of Fritz Miller's Organic Strawberry Jam and read the label. You'll get an instant idea of the type of farmer Fritz is by reading his motto: "Glory in Garden" Hands in dirt, Sun on head, Heart in nature. In 2003, Fritz became one of the first farmers in the...

Gillette Generators: 800kW commercial generator

Imagine being in the middle of open-heart surgery, and the power suddenly goes out. It sounds like a deadly situation, but it doesn’t need to be – at least not with a powerful back-up generator installed. Gillette Generators is in the business of keeping business...

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Elkhart County is a place to get inspired and to connect and collaborate with like-minded creatives. It’s a place where quality craftsmanship, innovation and collaboration results in a well-crafted life.

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