Congratulations to SonSetLink™ Water Monitors!

A small nonprofit in Elkhart has solved a problem that even Google — with a $5 million grant — couldn’t fix: Keeping clean water flowing in some of the world’s most remote areas.
“It’s taken God’s grace and perseverance,” said Cody Hall, a mechanical engineer who helped develop the SonSetLink™ Water Monitor.
With nearly 1,000 votes, the SonSetLink Water Monitor was named the 2020 Coolest Thing Made in Elkhart County.
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A well-crafted community

Elkhart County is filled with a creative spirit that is unsinkable. The business owners here have the ability to dream, take chances and innovate. Our people are optimistic, resourceful, curious and adventurous.

Elkhart County is a place to get inspired and to connect and collaborate with like-minded creatives. It’s a place where quality craftsmanship, innovation and collaboration results in a well-crafted life.

Our county is a destination where you can immerse yourself in the maker’s stories from the past and those being written right now. We make things in Elkhart County — cool things.

What makes the coolest thing?


The product is made in Elkhart County.


The product showcases the innovation and entrepreneurship of Elkhart County.


The product is something special, a little different or just plain cool.

Embassy Specialty Vehicles: The CUBE

An Elkhart-based RV manufacture is putting a new spin (literally) on career- and college-readiness. It all started when Renee Cocanower, director of secondary education at Concord Community Schools, started thinking about building a new facility on the Concord campus...

Coppes Napanee: Custom Cabinets

As the oldest continuously-operating cabinet maker in the United States, Coppes Napanee has made cabinets for some high-profile customers. John F. Kennedy ordered a Coppes kitchen put into Camp David and the White House during his presidency, and Elvis Presley...

Gen-Y Hitches: Patented Torsion Hitches

If it’s possible to be too cool, Gen-Y Hitch may be there. What was created out of a necessity has garnered an almost-cult following around an adjustable hitch. Carl Borkholder is the founder of Gen-Y Hitch. He used to own a tree service company and found that with...

Carved: Live Edge phone cases

Carved turns a deformity into something rare and beautiful. The business, tucked into a 100-year-old former dress factory in Elkhart, has been making wood phone cases for the past seven years. Through much trial and error and fueled by curiosity and tenacity, Carved...

Fish Lake Organic Berry Patches: Strawberry Jam

Grab a jar of Fritz Miller's Organic Strawberry Jam and read the label. You'll get an instant idea of the type of farmer Fritz is by reading his motto: "Glory in Garden" Hands in dirt, Sun on head, Heart in nature. In 2003, Fritz became one of the first farmers in the...

Electric Brew: Bald Brothers Coffee

Many people who step into the Electric Brew in Goshen are unaware of the magic happening in the coffee shop’s basement. Owner Myron Bontrager began roasting coffee in 2008, just before the recession hit. He invested $4,000 in a used roaster – a gamble that ended up...

Wooden Music: Handcrafted instruments

Ask Jim Shenk and Brad Baker at Wooden Music what makes their product cool and you’ll hear a bit of silence and a whole lot of humility. Shenk has been making guitars for more than 30 years in Goshen. He made them out of his home until moving into a studio behind the...

Time Out Trailers: Deluxe Camper

Keith Snelson loves the feeling of freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle, but he also enjoys the comfort, convenience and protection of towable campers. In the early 1970s, he had an idea: Why not design something that offers a taste of both worlds? Snelson...

Forest River: No Boundaries 10.6

There are not many RVs on the market that allow you to drive right up to the river’s edge and set up camp, but Forest River knows No Boundaries. Forest River’s No Boundaries 10.6 doubles as a trailer and a toy hauler. The sleeping area also serves as a garage to store...

Rick and Cheri Hage: Oodles of Pincushions

The Finger Pincushions Rick and Cheri Hage produce in their home may be tiny enough to fit inside a small antique cupboard in their living room, but they have made a big ripple in the sewing community. Inside this cupboard are supplies they need to create those tiny...

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